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 Closed Comedone. This type of comedone is a type of acne that does not have a head. It can't be squeezed or
extract out of the skin. Characteristics of this type of clogged acne It usually looks like a little bulge. They are about
0.1-3 millimeters in diameter and look the same color as each person's normal skin. This type of acne is caused by
blockages accumulated in the open ducts of the sebaceous glands and hair follicles. For clogged acne, this closed
head will last for a long time or not depending on its size. But most of the closed clogged acne tends to become
inflamed acne.

 Treatment of clogged acne in general is treated by

1. Clogged acne treatment by using acne breakout medication. By using the above group of drugs to apply to the
acne area. But it takes a long time to heal.
2. Treating clogged acne by pressing acne. This method of treatment works well, but it bleeds. In case of clogged
acne with large acne heads deep and there are many can't be done this way
3. Treatment of clogged acne using electrical cauterization This therapy is not popular. because there is a chance to
 Treatment of clogged acne with the Comedone Clear

Program whether it is a treatment using a drug to dissolve blackheads, acne extraction, or electrocautery, there are
disadvantages in treating and causing side effects. Therefore, there is a development of laser innovation to treat
clogged acne. with relatively few side effects.

  Advantages of Acne Laser Treatment

• Suitable for cases where the acne is large and deep. 
• Provides quick, safe treatment results.
• More effective than opening the acne head with a needle. Because there is often blood seeping along the needle
mark making the hole invisible. As a result of treating clogged acne using the CO2 laser acne treatment method, it
will open a channel for the clogged acne to come out. Provides effective treatment for deep clogged acne without
scarring. and no bleeding

 Skin treatment after laser acne clogged (CO2)

1. Give medication after laser often. Or as ordered by the doctor, for example, apply often every 1-2 hours
2. If there is a scab, do not remove the scab. Let the scab fall off by itself.
3. Wash your face with clean water. Or use facial cleansing foam that is gentle on the skin.
4. Should refrain from applying powder to the laser area for the first 2-3 days.
5. If there is an abnormality in the laser area Hurry up to see a doctor.
Prices start at 500 baht.

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