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 ND Yag Laser is a laser that uses a medium to produce light. With a wavelength of 1,064 nm,

it is applied to the facial skin that wants to stimulate the production of collagen under the skin. Make your face firm. reduce wrinkles It also helps reduce redness, dark spots, and also removes facial hair.

 The YAG Skin Rejuvenation laser procedure

takes approximately 30 minutes to 1.5 hours depending on the skin condition of each person.

 For clear results, it 

should bedone about 4-6 times with a distance of about 2-4 weeks per time.

  Taking care of yourself after YAG Skin Rejuvenation laser treatment.

YAG Skin Rejuvenation laser is considered a safe technology with few side effects. After the procedure, you can go on with your normal life. but for best performance You should take care of yourself as follows.

avoid exposure to sunlight You should apply sunscreen with SPF 30 PA+++ or higher on a regularbasis.

What are the results of the Laser Skin Rejuvenation?

YAG Skin Rejuvenation laser will begin to see clear results after about 1-2 laser sessions, with the skin starting to become firmer, smoother, blemishes, freckles, dark spots fade, wrinkles or acne holes will be Shallow, tighten pores Facial skin looks younger.

 For clear results, it should be done about 4-6 times with a distance of about 2-4 weeks per time.

 What are the side effects of YAC Skin Rejuvenation laser treatment?

There are few side effects from YAG Skin Rejuvenation laser. Most of them will cause redness after the treatment, about 1 hour after the treatment, the redness will gradually fade and there may be scabs appear about 1 week after the treatment.

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