What is Ulthera?
Ulthera or Ultherapy is an original lifting technology that works by using high-frequency and focused ultrasound to shoot under the skin layer to give the skin a liftin the operation of the Ulthera machine. There are wrinkles. Skin lifts and tightens without surgery.

The working principle of Ulthera is focusing ultrasound.

In addition, Ulthera can be used to lift and tighten both the face and body. After the procedure, you can return to your normal daily life. No need to waste time on recovery.

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The highlight of Ulthera is that it can solve skin problems in depth covering all layers by using a head with 3 depths that are suitable for different skin problems and layers as follows: 

Shooting depth of Ulthera head

 Ulthera SPT
is an ultrasound lifting innovation that goes deep into the upper muscle layer (SMAS) that was developed and designed to make patients feel more comfortable during the procedure, less pain, and achieve a more effective lift. With the new technology with a real-time display of skin layers, doctors will be able to see each layer of skin and design accurate energy shots. It helps to achieve clearer lifting results.


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 What does Ulthera help with?
Stimulate collagen deep into the SMAS (Superficial Muscular Aponeurotic System), which is the same layer as facelift surgery. As a result, the surface layer shrinks. The results are therefore comprehensive, helping in many ways as follows.

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Ulthera SPT Lifting Firm skin without surgery

Who is Ulthera suitable for?

   People with sagging skin, drooping eyelids
  Those who want to adjust their face to be slender with a clearer face frame. Jaw line seen   Reduce wattle
   Those who want to restore the skin firmly and radiantly. Pores are smaller and smoother.

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 Is Ulthera dangerous?

Ulthera is a skin tightening technology that is guaranteed to be safe by both the FDA from America, Europe and the Food and Drug
Administration of Thailand (FDA), as well as being used by more than 75% of the world
There is a real-time display screen. This allows the doctor to see the skin layer every time before the shot, so it does not affect the nearby

 How to prepare before doing Ulthera
Ulthera does not require much preparation because it is a non-surgical procedure. Patients can come to consult a doctor. Clearly inform the
patient about any medical conditions, surgery history, or other procedures on the face. In order for the doctor to assess whether the patient is
suitable for Ulthera or not, and assess the problem on the face, plan facial reshaping, inform the number of lines or shots in the appropriate
procedure. If you don't have any health problems, you can do it
Steps during Ulthera
After the doctor has assessed the problem and planned the facial reshaping, before the procedure, the skin will be prepared, cleansed and applied anesthetic.
It takes about 45-60 minutes to do it, depending on the area done

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 How many days does Ulthera heal swelling When do I see results?
After Ulthera, there may be swelling, which is normal, with swelling subsides within 2-3 days. Some people may feel swelling under the skin. When you try to press on the area of the procedure, you will feel a small pain. It can disappear on its own for about 2 weeks.

The patient can experience the results. You can see that the skin has been lifted by about 30% from the first procedure, and the results will
gradually increase for about 3 months.

 Can Ulthera be performed with other procedures?
Ulthera can be performed in conjunction with other procedures,  for clearer and faster results. 

 What is the difference between Ulthera and Thermage?

frame Solve sagging problems Suitable for people with less fat layers, maintain results for about 1 year.
- Thermage uses heat from MONOPOLAR RF radio waves to transmit to the dermis layer. Focus on stimulating collagen. Tighter facial skin
Tightens pores Smooth skin, suitable for people with a lot of fat layers, reduce fat, maintain results for about 1-2 years.

 What is the difference between Ulthera and Hifu?
Ulthera is an innovation that can work with the deepest layers of the skin, giving better results and efficiency than Hifu because it can shoot
directly on every line that is fired, so it can last for about 1 year, but at the cost of pain and is more expensive.
Hifu macrofocus (Ultraformer III) The same principle applies to Ulthera. It can stimulate collagen production and adjust the shape of the face as well. It's just that the intensity of wave transmission is less. Therefore, the result can last less than 3-6 months, so you have to do it frequently, but the advantage is that it hurts the least, suitable for people who are afraid of pain, and cheaper than Ulthera.


 Ulthera Review

Where is Ulthera 2024
Before deciding where to do Ulthera, you should choose a reliable clinic whether the machine is used according to the standards, certified or
not. Imported by Merz Aesthetics certified by the Food and Drug Administration from Thailand (FDA) and the United States (U.S. FDA), patients can check the clinic that uses the authentic Ulthera machine at 


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